To the future

In 1967 among Loretta’s first notable clients visiting her atelier was Paola Ruffo di Calabria, Princess of Liege and future to be Queen of Belgium.

Over the following 50 years Loretta will conquer a large group of followers and loyal admirers that call upon her for valuable household linen and clothing: The Kennedys, Gettys, Rothschilds and Rockfellers, but also Royals like the Windsor, Borbone and Orange Nassau families.

The destinations? Dream villas, yachts, ancient sail boats, private jets and also hot air balloons.

Loretta, who passed away in 2015, left an ambitious heritage that is projected towards the future under the helm of her daughter Lucia Caponi, Creative Director, and her nephew Guido, the Company COO: developing new aims and business horizons, Loretta Caponi brand evolves beyond homewear.

A new prêt-à-porter collection bridges the Italian savoir-faire to dresses, skirts, pants and shirts. Gorgeous styles that go hand in hand with nightgowns, home linens and sets of timeless charm. 

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