The Early success

These same relationships made it possible to develop an even tighter link with the rich and noble clients from Rome, Florence, all the way to Milan: thanks to a lot of perseverance and a little luck, a high-ranking lady from Florence proposed to showcase her creations in Paris.

Customs could have been a problem, but the resourceful lady was not discouraged and hid the impalpable lingerie made of light laces in her cuffs all the way to Paris, where they were all the rage.

In 1967, strong of her rising success, Loretta inaugurates her first atelier in Borgo Ognissanti, Florence: in that small boutique only one tailors’ bust would find room in the shop window.

This is where she awed the first viewers by displaying a one-size turtleneck nightgown, using cotton, linen and silk, smock stitch and neck frills. Her innovative touch? Colorful patterns, stripes or flowers, very different from the pastel tones so much in vogue at the time.

It brought a real revolution, just like the smock stitch, which had been used only for children, while today it embodies a consolidated trend.

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