850 sqm of space and a wonder boutique. In 1992, after two years of restoration work, a warehouse for pianos in Via delle Belle Donne was turned into Loretta Caponi’s Atelier, bringing under one roof the sales floor, the workshop and the tailoring room, where new unique garments, prototypes, collections and special orders see the light every day.

Protected by vaulted frescoed ceilings, a magic world made of silk, cotton, linen and tailored embroideries comes to life. But not only: an awesome archive of fabrics and prints, dating from the 50’s to the 90’s, and more than 20 thousand designs of embroidery covering a period from 1967 to present days.

A wealth of creativeness built over the years, source of inspiration and witness to Loretta Caponi’s flair in creating innovative designs with a special thoughtfulness for novelty and custom-made requests: A few examples? Venetian landscapes and Canaletto’s paintings embroidered on tablecloths (but also flowering cactus plants for a table of over 7 meters), bed covers with embroidered clients’ beloved pets, or a unique bed set with multicolored small fishes inspired by a tile that Loretta found on the Costiera Amalfitana.

Last but not least, a private collection that Loretta and Lucia Caponi built over the decades, with unique pieces belonging to Paolina Bonaparte, Queen Victoria and even Princess Sissi of Austria. It’s not a coincidence that Sir Anthony Hopkins (who wore a Loretta Caponi’s silk pajama and a robe on the Silence of the Lambs set) referred to the Boutique as “the most beautiful Italian shop”.

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